Does your website lags way behind in pages of search engine results?Are you missing clicks from thousands of visitors/potential-customers everyday???
Search Engine Optimization

If you don't have a strategy to create a strong online presence for your business, you are missing out on a huge source of new business. Search engine optimization is one of the most cost-effective techniques to generate more traffic and business through the Internet. Most companies are now realizing the importance of search engine marketing that opens up the global opportunities for your business.

Here, at CCS Solutions, we understand what makes the search engines tick. Our expert SEO India consultants very well understand the search trends and behavior of your customers and know what works with the Search engines and what doesn't. SEO services company that focus on ethical 'white hat' techniques to promote your website.

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Our SEO Company India prepared strategy takes into account the needs of your business. Before proceeding with the strategy, we determine the online aspirations of your company and understand your products and services. If you have an existing website, before creating a detailed SEO strategy and recommendation to improve its Google ranking, our SEO consultant takes a look at your site's current ranking, its online presence status and how well it has been optimized for search terms which are most likely to improve sales conversion

We understand that our job is to bring you more online business and everything we do is aimed at getting you more sales. Our SEO services India and programs are goal-specific and effective. Our expert SEO consultants India make sure that your site gains impeccable ranking on search engines. In every project, they make the best use of their expertise and skills, to deliver the best results, because client satisfaction is the impetus of appreciation for usOur Approach
A typical search engine optimization project would be approached as follows:
  • SEO goal: A review meeting would be held with the company to determine SEO goals
  • Ranking assessment: A detailed ranking assessment of any existing website to identify all relevant keywords which are currently driving traffic
  • Keyword Research: An in-depth keyword research and analysis is carried out to identify new convertible target keywords for which the company could achieve top ranking in Search Engine result pages
  • Site navigation analysis: A website navigation check would be undertaken to check that the website design hierarchy reflects the importance of key products and services and ensures top content achieves search engine prominence
  • Link popularity assessment: A link popularity check would be made to assess the quantity and quality of all back links or inbound links pointing to your site
  • Code review: A detailed content and html code review would be made to check the search engine optimization status of your existing company website. We'd look at the keyword targeting of each page, the Title tag usage, Meta description, keyword placement and density, together with assessing overall content quality
  • Website architecture analysis: A site design review would be carried out to check the crawl ability and user friendliness of the website
  • SEO audit and recommendations: A comprehensive SEO audit report would be made to the company with detailed recommendations
  • Strategic SEO planning and implementation: SEO goals would be established to benchmark IDS Logic's search engine optimization work for the company
We will provide initial ranking report and 'your baseline position' for target key phrases and monthly ranking reports to show your progress up the rankings.

We have a proven track record of helping companies achieve their fullest potential online. We have clients of all sizes across the globe that is getting more online business through their website with our Internet marketing services and SEO India Services.

Contact us now to know how our SEO consultant can help you get more traffic and more business for your website.