RIA (Rich Internet Applications) is the latest development in web applications.
What are Rich Internet Applications (RIA)?
Generally, "browsing the web" meant going online to read static htmls. But that model was limiting. As more people want to obtain a richer, more responsive user experience, Macromedia coined the term Rich Internet Application (RIA) in 2002. RIAs combine the flexibility, responsiveness, and ease of use of desktop applications with the broad reach of the web. RIAs provide a dynamic web experience that is rich and engaging, as well as interactive.

CCS Solutions has a team of experts for Rich Internet Application Development Services. Our RIA Developers have a great expertise in Flash Designing, Actionscript Programming, Flex Programming, etc. With combining deep knowledge of technology with commitment to our clients’ business, we are focused on delivering comprehensive RIA Development. RIA development process at CCS Solutions embraces best analytics, design, development and delivery practices. While designing your website, be it with simple HTML or using RIA, we follow Web 2.0 standards.
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Our RIA Skill Set includes:
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Flex
  • AJAX
  • WPF
  • SilverLight
The best advantage of RIA is that RIA is Powerful, easy to use, fast and responsive. RIAs empower your business with solutions that are more Consistent, Focused, Responsive and Intelligent, of course.
  • RIAs enable flawless and interactively controlled transitions that do not distract users from the end objective.
  • RIAs technologies give excellent platform for the development of convincing user interfaces that are completely focused on your requirements and your customers' needs, fruitfully serving the purpose.
  • RIAs simplify the highly complex processes, save bandwidth and perform considerably faster than traditional Web applications, thus escalating customers' online interaction with your website.
  • RIAs interactively deliver the users, exactly what they need and thus greatly reducing their workload, time and effort spent on targeted actions performance.

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